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Well, it’s here again. The day we celebrate everything Yorkshire. Puds, pies, ale, Dales, Wolds, Moors, footie, cricket, Rugby League (personal favourite!), t’other rugby(!), lads, lasses, seaside, fishing, steel, wool, sheep, factories, amazing art and literature. All those things that make Yorkshire so special, from the Tees to the Rother to the Humber.

But most of all it’s US! The people. Sometimes baffling to outsiders but, of course, perfectly normal to anyone with an ounce of common, these are the warmest, greatest, most generous spirited members of the human race.

Bar none.

So, this Yorkshire Day, kick back, relax and remember;

If tha’s got loads o’stuff and tha needs thi loft (or t’roof ‘ole) fettlin by them that knows, tha needs to gerrowd o’ t’blower, dial 0800 612 8359 and gi’ Yorkshire’s number one a shout!


July has seen us hit a new record (already!) in terms of family and friends of our customers calling in to have their lofts done.

Why is that?

Well, from our point of view, we like to think it’s because our customers appreciate the Quality, Integrity and Value of a Yorkshire Loft Ladders installation. And, to be fair, the feedback we get from our customers seems to back that up.

We suspect, however, that our customers take a rather more… shall we say… Yorkshire view?

It’s a job bloody well done at the price quoted and done in the time agreed.


Job done!

It’s the Yorkshire way, after all… that’s why we’re…

Yorkshire Loft Ladders!

It has come to our attention that there are others out there suddenly masquerading as Loft Ladder, Loft Boarding, Loft Hatch and Loft Lighting ‘specialists’ in Yorkshire recently! Well, if you are lucky enough to be one of OUR customers, you’ll know that when WE say Quality, Integrity and Value – we mean it.

Just in case you are unlucky enough NOT to be a Yorkshire Loft Ladders customer, or are thinking of going with someone else, let us show you the standards you should expect. Lofts are tricky things to board! When boarding a loft the boards should be tight to any protruding beams, as in the picture above. Indeed, it should look like the beams are rising from a pool…

The point is…

There should be NO GAPS.

Here’s another couple of examples of jobs we’ve recently carried out:


You’ll notice that the boards have been measured and cut correctly. That your storage space is maximised and that, above all…


So, if you are unlucky enough to NOT be a Yorkshire Loft Ladders customer and you want your loft boarding we can only say one thing…


We’re busy, busy, busy! As you would expect from Yorkshire’s number 1 loft company…

This week we’re installing our great value loft packages in:




Why do people choose Yorkshire Loft Ladders? Well, we like to think it’s because of the Quality, Integrity and Value we offer both in product and service. Our customers seem to agree… as you can read here.

So if you see our vans give us a wave, even better if you’re looking to make use of all that lovely loft space feel free to call the number on the side of the van (oh, go on, it’s 0800 632 8159) or click here and we’ll be happy to help!

First, the good news.

When we visited Martyn Hannah’s house in Keighley we had a BIG space to fill. He’d just moved in to a new build and the loft was.. well… huge! By the time we’d finished raising the flooring on timbers (to avoid squashing the loft insulation as we do everywhere), installing a new hatch (the builders put in a, frankly, awful one) a light and ladder the place looked like a warehouse, frankly.

And Martyn was thrilled! Loads and loads of lovely storage space.

But, as it turned out, there was one, tiny…


The pole that came with the ladder – that also opens the hatch – ended up as a plaything for his dog who chewed the living daylights out of the hook end so it is now too weak to pull down his ladder!

No worries – we’ve contacted the manufacturer and a new hook end is winging it’s way to Martyn as we speak, FREE, as part of our guarantee.

Ok, he offered to pay but that’s not the Yorkshire Loft Ladders way. When we guarantee our work – we GUARANTEE it.

Even against domestic pets…

We’d just like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers, past, present and future, a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2017. Our last working day for fittings is the 23rd December and while we’ll be rushing round grabbing pressies or digesting Christmas Pud feel free to drop us a line or phone call between Christmas and New Year if, like many of our January bookings already, you’ve been up in the loft and thought:

I REALLY should have got this done this year!

Don’t leave it until Christmas 2017 to get yourself a ladder, boarding, light or hatch! Let’s get it done now so that it’s done and dusted for Easter, those summer holidays and… next year! Because in November/December our diary fills up very quickly indeed so let’s get the job done in January or February so you can have all that lovely storage space all year round.

Merry Christmas everyone, see you in 2017!

Yorkshire Loft Ladders

Killinghall Beer Festival

Well, it was quite the event as it turned out. Whilst the beer (and Prosecco!!) flowed it was great to see the community get together and support such a local event. When people volunteer and organise such things off their own backs you sometimes wonder if anyone will turn up…

Well, from 2pm onwards a steady flow of customers kept the pumps shifting with music from a mobile disco as a great accompaniment which went down very well with the kids who, since the weather was fine, were also able to play out on the cricket field until the light faded.

All of this plus residents had laid on some delicious burgers and Cumberland sausage hot dogs PLUS the added bonus of the lads from Delhi Belly, serving Indian street food, who had pitched a tent outside in the Village Hall car park – the general reaction to their food was simply WOW!!!

You really have to experience their Lamb Kashmir Bites – its a wonder to behold, I promise you.

All washed down by the efforts from the good folk at Harrogate’s own Daleside Breweries. It was a great afternoon/evening, extremely family friendly (my 8 year old and 2 year old ran their legs off!) and we can’t wait for next year so HUGE congratulations must go to Anya and Claire (and their husbands Richard and Gary) who put is SO much effort to get this off the ground on behalf of the local community – well done!

If YOU have a local event you’d like us to promote in Yorkshire we’d be more than happy to do so! Email martin@yorkshireloftladders.co.uk and we’ll add you to our website. After all, it’s when people come together we’re at our best…


As a local company we feel it is important to support local initiatives. That’s why we’re supporting the First Annual Killinghall Beer Festival.

OK, plus there’s beer involved… on a Saturday…

Anyway, that’s as maybe, the point is that, in true Yorkshire fashion two Yorkshire lasses (one of which also brings a Northern Irish charm too) have put themselves out to make our lives just a smidgen better by allowing us all the joy of sampling brews from, well, here.

By here we mean Daleside Breweries, famous for such brews as Blonde and Old Legover (which Claire joyfully told me the other day she had designated to us – I make no comment) all are delicious and await your sampling.

Thanks be to Anya Walker and Claire Fretwell for organising this shindig, we are proud to support the efforts of you both and look forward to you not shouting ‘don’t tell people it’s annual!’ due to unprecedented demand.

The First Annual Killinghall Beer Festival is at Killinghall Village Hall, Otley Road, Killighall from 2pm – 7pm on Saturday 8th October, your designated driver, should you require one, needs to enter HG3 2DW into their satnav.


PS. The Greyhounds and Three Horseshoes are open straight afterwards should you need one for the road!


When we originally set up Yorkshire Loft Ladders we wanted to have a message on our logo that reflected what we wanted to deliver to our customers. True Yorkshire values, clearly stated of Quality, Integrity and Value that our customers could expect from us at all times and that we here would see every day as a reminder that, however busy we might get, these are the things that define us and what each and every one of us here should aspire to.

After all, when you have workmen in your house it can be a daunting prospect. Many times we’ve heard from customers relieved that their experience with us has turned out to be ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ – and that’s how it should be. In this vein, we were delighted to receive the following email from Mr and Mrs Bell of Harrogate yesterday, proving that Quality, and just a little bit of human care and kindness, does indeed pay.

Dear Paul,

We would like to confirm that we are delighted with the loft ladder installation completed by you and your team earlier this week.
From our initial meeting at our home, where you comprehensively established our needs and guided us to a loft ladder package (ladder, boarding and insulation) which met our requirements, we welcomed the relaxed, professional, always contactable approach you adopted throughout the project. Likewise, your colleagues reflected the same attitude, coming at the time stated and leaving our home clean and tidy upon completion of the work.
However, the key highlight for us, where you and your colleagues showed yourselves at your best, was when we realised that there were issues to be addressed regarding transfers between ladder and loft. Difficulty was being experienced by us because of previously unidentified restricted mobility.

The patience and diligence displayed by you and your team to resolve this difficulty by making the necessary adjustments, including repositioning the ladder and the fitting of appropriate grab rails, was both reassuring to observe as well as most appreciated when it became clear a final solution was achievable.

As a result, we have no hesitation in recommending you and your team’s services to anyone who is interested in having a loft ladder package fitted.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Bell for taking the time out to send such a lovely message, they were a pleasure to do business with.

If you’d like to put our service to the test then give us a call on 0800 612 8359 or click here! We’d love to hear from you, particularly when we’ve finished the job!

Yorkshire and its Ridings (Map)

It’s August 1st so that can only mean one thing, yes, it’s Yorkshire Day! Obviously being Yorkshire Loft Ladders, dedicated to delivering the very best in Yorkshire values to our customers, we couldn’t let the day pass without celebrating it too and, we might add, with a map of Yorkshire as it truly is – not what you might believe from our friends at various councils…

So, with a Giant Yorkshire Pud full of beef and gravy in front of you and a pint of Black Sheep to hand, feel free to enjoy a few Yorkshire facts just before you nod off in front of a roaring fire:

1) Yorkshire is home to just over 5 million people. A few more than the whole of Scotland.
2) Yorkshire as an entity was founded in 875 AD which makes us 1,141 years old. A lot older, and therefore wiser, than the USA.
3) We have the best food and drink in the known world. From our farming produce to our fish and chips and our award winning curries, you won’t beat a Yorkshireman (or woman) in these stakes.
4) The north west tip of Yorkshire is only 13 miles from the Irish Sea. Weird!
5) Ilkley Moor B’aht ‘At means you were daft enough to be wandering around there with no hat on. It’s nippy tha knows!
6) Our dialect is utterly impenetrable to Southerners. Seriously, lay it on thick and they have no idea what you just said
7) Our scenery is breathtaking, our coastline incredible and our people are wonderful.

We could go on but we’ll save more for next year. Suffice to say that if you are reading this then you will probably know that being a Yorkie invokes something deep inside, something that them from outside often can’t understand or comprehend. We seem offish to them but love visitors and will always extend a hand of welcome to anyone who wants to visit or live here. Why? Because it’s only fair that they too get to learn the joy of Yorkshire and what it means.

So, from the Tees to the Peaks, from Sedburgh to Spurn Point, across the Dales, Moors and Wolds, raise a glass tonight and toast our wonderful county and be assured that in Yorkshire Loft Ladders, with our commitment to the true Yorkshire values of Quality, Integrity and Value will continue to strive to deliver the BEST service to our customers.