Acklam, Middlesbrough Installation

A great end result here from a job completed by Danny and Warren in Acklam in Middlesbrough. What you can't see is that all the joists beneath the boarding were totally uneven so the lads cut a timber sub frame to size as they went along. The result? A perfectly flat...

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Richmond Installation

More love spread by Mark as we boarded out Jackie's loft in Richmond. 200 sq ft of boarding, new hatch, light and 3 section ladder and the place is transformed. Note how level the flooring is, we fit a timber sub frame under the boards as standard on EVERY...

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This week Yorky & the boys will be installing in………..

This week we’re kind of enjoying the sunshine (between the downpours) whilst installing in…. Whiby, York, Middlesbrough, Yarm, Stockton, Southowram, Halifax, Wiggington, Skipton, Darlington, Harrogate, Halifax (again!), Bishopthorpe, Bradford, Acklam, Northallerton,...

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Leyburn Installation

Big job this one... unusually it took a couple of days but as you can see when Mark and Kurt got going the end result was more than worthwhile. OK, Danny and Jamie lent a hand on day two but let's not give them too much credit, look at how well those boards are cut...

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Middlesbrough installation by Yorkshire Loft Ladders

When Jamie and Danny arrived this morning at this loft in Middlesbrough it was just a mass of insulation and pipework with zero possibility of getting anything up there. Fast forward to the end of the day and Carmel was so thrilled with the big, wide open space she...

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Yorkshire Loft Ladders Company Mascot – Yorky the bear !

Well, it would seem spring is here at last and so Yorkie the YLL bear is out of hibernation and raring to go! He's a hard taskmaster and insists on the highest quality, integrity and value so you can be sure that when we arrive to install your loft ladder, hatch,...

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York loft ladder & loft boarding installation

All lofts are different but don't think that they can't be used! Lynne in York wondered if there was anything that could be done in her loft as it's only 2 feet high! Fear not, as Yorkshire's specialist loft company Warren and Craig had 100 Sq ft of loft boarding down...

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Norton Installation – We can move your loft hatch

Norton Installation: Often your existing hatch is simply in the wrong place. So why not let us move it for you? Here's the before and after shots of a crackerjack job in Norton where Mark and Jamie set to. Lathe and plaster is always a devil to work with as it can...

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Starting the week in Goole,

This week we’re waiting for it to warm up a bit whilst installing in… Goole, York, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, Bishopthorpe, York (again), Ripon, York (again!!), Burley in Wharfedale, Skipton, Spennithorne, Leyburn, Rotherham, Addingham, Topcliffe, Thirsk,...

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Packages from £277 + VAT

Remember, our packages start at just £277 + VAT which includes a 2 section loft ladder, 50 sq ft of boarding and a light, all fitted by our time served tradesmen so you can be assured that, whatever your requirements, we can deliver the Quality, Integrity and Value you should expect when someone works in your home.


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