As you will all be aware (I hope!) the Govt is encouraging us back to work as of Weds 13th May. This is a bit earlier than we were expecting but we are now in a position to introduce a phased restart of operations.

As you can see from the picture the Govt issued guidance on working safely in other people’s homes which was updated on 11th May. This document (which can be found here) will be our absolute Bible going forwards and guidance based around this is now being communicated to all staff.

Everyone is desperate to get going again but we need to do this as safely as possible under the guidance we are given, We know the public range from those that say ‘let’s just get on with it’ to ‘let’s not see anyone until it’s gone’. We get it, we’re the same as you, we want to go to work, you want us to and we all want to be as safe as possible.

Fortunately, in our line of work, that doesn’t mean that many changes from what we were doing already. In truth, our operation internally is socially distanced anyway, our office is roomy and everyone just happened to be 2m apart anyway and the materials are taken to the vans on a fortktruck every morning outside from the warehouse as it’s quicker. So in that respect we are luckier than most.

Externally there are a few small changes we are implementing to make sure our staff and YOU are safe but truth is we’re in the loft most of the time and you’re not so we will disinfect as we go.

So please be assured we have your best interests at heart as we all go through this ‘Phase 2’ now as if we didn’t it would only harm our own. Yorkshire Loft Ladders is open for business, our lads are now coming back in phases over the next couple of weeks and we expect to be fully staffed by 1st June. In the meantime if you requested a quote previously you will be contacted by next Tuesday 19th at the latest – and thank you so much to the 200 plus of you who have asked to be so – and if you would like a quote going forwards please feel free to get in touch.

One more thing, we have prioritised emergency cases this week with skeleton staff. We have had someone desperate for us to come round because they have lost 2 family members to this dreadful disease and they need the loft boarding as they are moving mum in and that’s where her stuff is going. If you fall into any category like that please let us know when calling.

That was a hard call to take. We’ll be there to help.

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